APS Pre-paid Discount

APS Pre-paid Discount

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The APS Pre-paid Discount does not include any reports. It reduces the rate of future reports by 50%.

The APS software provides a method for certified counselors to run a personal identification/inventory--an eight-page computerized report on their counselees. The APS software online has two pricing levels; pre-paid discount and standard pricing. The pre-paid discount cost $750; once this discount is purchased the counselor can process reports at a reduced rate that is half of the standard pricing(currently $15 reduced from the standard $30 each). Without the discount, the counselor can purchase the reports at the current standard rate of $30 each. The pre-paid discount is extremely beneficial to counselors who find themselves required to process many A.P.S. reports.

This is a one-time purchase. Once a counselor has this discount they can continue to run the reports at the discounted rate for as long as they are a member.

The ability to process reports is contingent upon valid membership.

Here is a summary of the current pricing:

With the discount:
Pre-Paid Discount $750.00
Each Report $15.00

Without the discount:
Each Report $30.00

The Special Personal Profile (SPP) reports are already discounted for all APS members, each report is $5. To run an SPP you must first unlock a Clinical report. The price for the SPP report does not change depending on if you have the APS Pre-paid discount or not.

Please note, only members who have finished their program are eligible for this discount.

If you have any questions or to find out if you qualify please contact: Michael@NCCA.org.